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Weight Loss Injections

Semaglutide & Tirzepatide - What's All The Hype?

Semgalutide and Tirzepatide belong to a class of medications called Glucagon-like Peptide Receptor Agonists. They are revolutionary solutions to the growing epidemic of obesity, and are FDA-approved for weight loss. How do they work? These medications mimic a naturally-occurring  gut hormone called GLP-1, which regulates blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces hunger and sugar cravings, protects the cardiovascular and respiratory system and enhances overall well-being. Tirzepatide is unique for targeting BOTH GLP-1 and GIP hormones, and is the first of its kind to directly metabolize fat cells. Patients using Semaglutide lose on average 16.9% of body weight weight in 68 weeks, Tirzepatide patients 22.5% in 72 weeks. Our weight loss program  includes convenient treatment from the comfort of your home, a customized plan, no insurance needed, free delivery, ongoing provider care with text support, and doctor-guided titration schedules—all from a certified pharmacy. Same ingredients in Wegovy®, Ozempic®, Mounjaro®, Zepbound®


Lose Weight


Blood Sugar Regulation


Improve Health


Enhance Energy


Boost Mood


Fat Burning

MIC/B12 Injections

Revitalize your lifestyle with MIC+B12 Injections, merging Vitamin B12 benefits with a unique blend of potent lipotropic agents to maximize your weight loss efforts and burn fat. Boost energy with B12, improve insulin sensitivity and mood via Inositol, and build lean muscle with Choline. This complements a healthy lifestyle, breaking weight plateaus and suits sensitive stomachs. MIC promotes liver health through detoxification, efficient fat metabolism, uplifting mood, and energy. Combined with B12, it magnifies benefits, breaking weight stagnation and building lean muscle with diet and exercise. Administered twice weekly at home, MIC+B12 is a convenient, affordable way to feel younger, lose weight naturally, and improve overall health. 

NAD+ Injections

Elevate your NAD+ levels effortlessly at home with NAD+ Injections, starting at $12 per shot and FSA/HSA eligible. Crucial for energy production and cellular repair, NAD+ enhances energy, mental clarity, and mood while reducing cravings and boosting post-workout recovery. Administered 1-3 times weekly, these injections, made-to-order by a certified pharmacy, offer a cost-effective alternative to infusions. NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotideis a crucial coenzyme found in the body which, declines with age, impacting energy conversion and DNA health. Sustain NAD+ levels subcutaneously to potentially decelerate aging and feel younger to enjoy a higher quality of life. 


Improve Cognitive


Slow Aging


Boost Energy


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